Praise for Deeper Waters, Girl in the Band, Tell Them About the Dream, and Laura Vecchione:

“Her voice is powerful and full of emotion.” –Metronome Magazine


Laura Vecchione hails from New York, lives in Boston, and recorded her debut album in Nashville. Keep this quick bio handy to remind yourself that she’s not from Chicago, because Deeper Waters sounds a whole lot more South Side than Soho, Allston or Grand Ole Opry. This is a sassy mix of hard-driving R&B, soul, rock, power ballad, and genre-benders. When she covers The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna” the only thing blaring louder than the saxophones is Vecchione’s brassy voice. The way she belts out the chorus to her own catchy “Fool’s Gold” would make Koko Taylor proud. Some records fan you like a cool breeze; this one scorches like the blast from a five-alarm fire.
—Rob Weir, Valley Advocate


Laura Vecchione was born in New York and lives in Boston, but you sure can’t tell that from her music. Her new album, Deeper Waters, was recorded in Nashville, and you’d swear from listening to it that she’s the love child of June Carter and Blake Shelton (after some fortunate accident with a time machine). Nevertheless, Vecchione is all ours…
–The Boston Globe


Laura’s voice is superb…It’s a heady mix of country-soul, with touches of Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt. Recorded in Nashville with additional mixing in LA by Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Dixie Chicks) the songs cover the blues, folk-pop, R & B and some strong ballads with the title track standing out.
–Americana UK


It takes a certain chutzpah to christen your debut CD “Deeper Waters”, but Laura Vecchione enjoys boldness…Vecchione (rhymes with “Becky Tony”) penned most of these tunes, save two terrific covers, serving up an auditory gumbo. The musicians clearly share the enthusiasm for the material, with a loose leash policy all over the record for slide guitars, gospel piano and even clarinet. When called for, though, both the production and Vecchione summon a wicked whisper of a delivery to aim right for the emotional center of a song…Thematically and musically, Vecchione cements the listener’s trust on this collection, all through the simple persuasion of her own multifaceted vocal instrument.
-Country Standard Time


This soul-splashed country-rock CD (is) a winner!


“…gutsy, soulful, edge-of-country style.”
– Maverick Magazine, UK


The first song (“Jane”) makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time…”
–George Knight, Boston DJ


Her songs are always solid, often exceptional (“Fool’s Gold,” “Breaking Heart in NYC,” the title track), but it’s her soulful singing that really makes these tracks soar. Check her funky cover of “Lady Madonna,” as she and the backing musicians take the Beatles to New Orleans and make them shake their Liverpudlian asses. If Natalie Maines ever leaves the Dixie Chicks, Laura Vecchione should be her replacement.
-High Bias


[Girl in the Band is] an exciting sequel offering some of THE best songs and vocals of the year from a female singer and songwriter who’s largely unknown this side of the water. This album establishes Laura Vecchione as one of the most powerful talents to come from America….
-Laura Bethel, Maverick Magazine, UK


WACBIZ was proud to be a part of the screening process of the Dream On! project with Maya Armstrong. Laura Vecchione was one of a few artists, out of hundreds of submissions, that immediately caught our attention (with)…The video and song “Tell Them About The Dream.”…We welcome Laura as one of our talented artists joining Sinead O’Connor to Joe Jackson and musicians from Bowie’s Band to Petty’s Band, we believe Laura is is every bit as talented!


Don’t mess with the Veck…if you do, she’ll write a killer song about you and sing the *@#% out of it. –Jim Scott(Grammy Award winning producer/engineer)